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Registered workplace trade have got to be intimated to the Registrar of organizations by means of submitting of right type. teamnet can support file the statutory filings for trade of registered workplace from Rs.4899/-

Registered Office Change


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Change Of  Registered Office

The enrolled office of a Company or LLP is the guideline place of business for a private/open restricted organization and all official correspondence from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is sent to this area. The enlisted office of a Company or LLP can be changed inside the neighborhood furthest reaches of any city, town or town where such office is arranged by simply giving a notice to the concerned Registrar inside 30 days after the date of the change. Be that as it may, an exceptional determination will be required if the difference in the enlisted office is from one town, town, and so forth., in a similar state. Where the place of enrolled workplaces is to be changed starting with one State then onto the next State, the Company or LLP may do as such by passing exceptional determination and getting affirmation of the Company Law Board. The Company or LLP is likewise required to give a commercial in the daily papers demonstrating the change proposed to be made and furthermore a notice is to be given to the State Government when it is proposed to exchange the enrolled office starting with one State then onto the next.

A change to the enlisted business office address can be required because of different reasons. Further, the conventions and process for changing the Registered Office of the Company or LLP will rely upon if the Company or LLP is changing location inside a similar city/town/town or if the Company is changing location between city/town/town of if the Company is changing the Registered Office between States. Teamnet can enable you to change the Registered Office in every one of the three situations, converse with our Business Advisors today.


Rs. 4899/-

all inclusive fees

trade of registered workplace within the equal metropolis.

Rs. 9899/-

all inclusive fees

tchange of registered office inside the equal ROC jurisdiction.

Rs. 24899/-

all inclusive fees

alternate of registered place of work from one state to anot…

Registered Office Change

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