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Expand in accepted or paid-up capital ought to be carried out with proper board decision and filing of forms with Registrar of companies. teamnet can file submitting for expand of capital from Rs.4899/-

Increase Authorised Capital


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Increase In  Authorised Capital

The authorized capital of a manufacturer determines the number of shares a manufacturer can hassle to its shareholders. An broaden in approved capital maybe required for issuing new shares and/or inducting more capital into the manufacturer. The initial permitted capital of the company is recounted in the Memorandum of organization of the company and is most likely Rs. 1 lakh. The approved capital will also be increased with the aid of the organization at whenever with shareholders approval and by using paying additional fee to the Registrar of companies.

To start the process for increasing authorized capital a resolution need to be passed through the Board of directors. Within the Board resolution, authorisation must be offered for increasing the accepted capital of the enterprise and making the essential alterations to the MOA and AOA of the corporation. teamnet can support you comfortably broaden the authorized capital of your corporation.


Rs. 4899/-

all inclusive fees

increase in accredited capital of upto Rs.10 lakhs.

Rs. 9899/-

all inclusive fees

broaden in accredited capital of upto Rs.25 lakhs.

Rs. 14899/-

all inclusive fees

develop in accredited capital of upto Rs.A hundred lakhs.

Increase Authorised Capital

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