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GST migration is mandatory for all entities having VAT or principal Excise or service Tax Registration. teamnet presents an easy system for completing GST Migration from Rs.2899/-

GST Migration


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GST  Migration

goods and offerings Tax or GST has been implemented in India from 1st July, 2017 and GST migration started from 2016. On account that all entities registered under VAT or principal Excise or carrier Tax didn’t migrate to GST, the time-limit for GST migration has been multiplied with the aid of one more three months except finish of September, 2017. Extra, all entities having VAT or relevant Excise or service Tax registration are mandatorily required to obtain GST registration by using migrating their knowledge to the new method without fail.

To whole GST migration, entities registered underneath VAT or primary Excise or provider Tax would have received a provisional userid and password. Utilizing the provisional userid and password, GST migration can also be completed via providing extra understanding required beneath GST. As soon as, the GST migration application is accomplished, provisional GSTIN is provided to the trade. Provisional GSTIN can be utilized by means of the taxpayer to transact business and the provisional id can be confirmed and made final GSTIN by using the government routinely.

teamnet is the leading industry offerings platform in India, delivering a style of offerings like GST migration, GST registration, GST return filing, private restricted corporation registration, trademark submitting and more. teamnet can aid you entire GST migration in India and maintain GST compliance through a proprietary GST accounting software. The average time taken to entire GST migration is set 2 – 5 working days, field to govt processing time and consumer report submission. Get a free consultation on GST migration, GST accounting and GST return filing through scheduling an appointment with an teamnet advisor.


Rs. 2899/-

all inclusive fees

GST migration for entities with current VAT or provider tax registration. Inclusive of government cost and GST.

Rs. 4899/-

all inclusive fees

New GST registration for entities that do not need VAT or provider tax registration. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

Rs. 5899/-

all inclusive fees

One class 2 Digital Signature and GST registration for entities that would not have VAT or provider tax registration. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

GST Migration

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